Nation Needs Skilled, Professional, Innovative & Devoted Volunteers. Let's lead PLS to mitigate the shadows of darkness.

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Welcome to New team of PLS

All Board of director and Student Governing Council (SGC) member Warmly welcome to the new team of PLS student wing.

PLS Professional Wing

PLS has established a professional wing. Our main focus is to provide Internship and Jobs. For further information visit" Professional Wing"

Regional Level Get-together

PLS student wing is organizing get-together in all universities of all regions

Career Counseling Workshop

PLS student wing is planning a workshop on Career Counseling. It will consist of CV writing, Job hunting and Interview preparation especially for Engineering student. Tentative date is mid-December, 2016


The Hope 2016 magazine is now available. For hard copy, please visit PLS office.

Welcome to PLS

Originally the Professional Layyan's Society was founded in 15 October 2007. Today The PLS has more than 1000 members in 60 universities across the country. The declared purpose of "PLS" is to cultivate a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and professionals.
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